Our identity
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The RiskWorks Brand is built around eight core values and offers a value driven solution that is affordable yet dependable.


To be considered the occupational health and safety software solutions provider of choice and to facilitate agile management insuring sustainable occupational health and safety is afforded to all employers, employees, their property and the environment.


To empower our clients to reduce occupational health and safety risk, increasing productivity and to promote the introduction of a new risk management culture by leveraging on innovative occupational health and safety software solutions.

Brand Promise:

RiskWorks is committed to create, implement and maintain tailor-made software solutions that are best suited to its client’s infrastructure and goals. Our product will have an immense impact on the incident frequency rate and will also play its part in the increase of productivity which will generate measurable return on investment for clients.

Our Values:

RiskWorks’ brand values are based on innovation and value. We aim to provide a product that is known for its entrepreneurial spirit whilst offering the best long term value.

Innovative Ideas: At RiskWorks entrepreneurial spirit will be a way of living. We will use technology to conceptualise, plan, create, and execute solutions that push back borders.

Passionate People RiskWorks is committed to employ the right people, people with work pride, enthusiasm, and dedication that will inevitably enable us to be the best in everything we do.

Modern Approach: RiskWorks wants to instill this modern approach in all their work functions to prepare and align themselves and their clients for the future.

Ethical Business: RiskWorks recognises our environmental, economic and social responsibilities and we wish to promote responsible business across the board facilitating a more vigilant world.

Affordable Value: RiskWorks wishes to stay one of the most affordable occupational health and safety providers to ensure a safer and more comfortable workplace for all companies regardless of size and stature.

Agility: We undertake to respond to our clients’ fast changing need and requirements in an urgent, flexible and creative manner.

Commitment: RiskWorks is dedicated to deliver superior products, services and other solutions that have bona fide benefits both within and outside the company

Engagement: RiskWorks’ communication with all business partners will be based on mutual respect and trust.

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